Will Fox

Hi there I'm Will,

I like to think I am the brains of the duo (Cale will argue otherwise but he is wrong).

I am a copywriter, based in Melbourne. I am currently studying advertising at RMIT (Class of 2019), completed Awards School in 2018 and CopySchool in 2019.

I'll try and make this quick

Some of the things that explain my wacky domineer 

  • 2x National Champion Sailor

  • Member of the Victorian Team for 6 years

  • Avid dog lover (own 2 Cavoodles, will definitely show you photos)​​

  • Always wanted to be an Astronaut 

  • Sank a 10m boat off St Kilda 

  • I think this list has gone on for long enough

Some of my personal work is below (and the photo of the sunken boat)

My Personal Work